Monday, August 24, 2009

Watering Fun

This all started with watering the pumpkins. I got the hose out because the pumpkins where looking hot! Jacob and Drew came in the yard as soon as they heard the sound of the water! I luckily stopped them before they got their clothes soaked. I sent Jacob to run up and grab the swimming suits.
We quickly changed and had an impromptu, backyard water extravaganza! The boys were spraying each other, filling the dump truck, and making awesome mud puddles. We even had a neighbor friend join us in our crazy fun.
This is Jacob's new camera pose! He always asks, "Was that scary?" He also wants to check out what the picture looks like on the camera. Today we took a few extra because he didn't think it looked scary enough. --emily


Colleen said...

That IS a scary pose! What a fun, last minute party!

Hi! said...

Drew looks as thirsty as the pumpkins, your hydrangeas are gorgeous, and Jacob; you are terrifying, one scary dude! How about a shot of those thirsty pumpkins!
Love, momAKAgrandma

Darci said...

The first pictures of Andrew is adorable. I love all the summer fun that a hose can provide.

monique said...

That last picture made me laugh! He's hilarious! Your boys are too cute :)

CJAllred said...

Awesome pose, Jacob. I LOVE IT!
It's always fun to play in the water.
P.S. I love the flowers.