Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clifford the Big Red Dog

What a night! Last night Andrew woke up with a croupy seal cough. This isn't unusual in our home. Whenever Andrew gets a cold it quickly goes straight into his lungs. We have a nebulizer that turns his medicine into a fine mist so he can breath it into his lungs. With this, his seal cough will go away long enough for him to have a good night's sleep and after a few more doses and a couple of days later his cough will be gone. So, last night I gave him a nebulizer treatment and it seamed to have no effect. He threw up, had a hacky seal cough and it seamed painful for him to breath. I began to worry! Kelly and I decided the ER might be a good idea. When we got there the doctors said it was a good thing we had come in because his throat was swollen and that is why he had a hard time breathing. They gave him an oral dose of steroids to help the inflammation in his throat. They said that it can take up to 6 hours for that to work 100%, so they also gave him a misted medication to help right away. Mr. Andrew was scared and wanted nothing to do with any of the doctors or nurses that where helping him. Then our nurse said, "Give me a moment and I will be right back." About three minutes later she came back with this darling Clifford the big red dog. She handed him to Andrew and asked him if "Clifford could come and live at our house." Andrew was putty in her hands. Andrew loves dogs! She didn't know it but that was the perfect animal to pick for Andrew. Andrew wouldn't let anyone else touch him except his new friend Joyce our nurse. So after a two hour visit they sent us on our way. It was about 5 a.m. by the time Andrew and I had gotten home. We were so exhausted from a long evening. Boy am I thankful for modern technology and medicine. --emily


Colleen said...

I second that! What a scary night, but what a fabulous nurse! We've dealt with breathing problems in two of our boys, and the good thing is that they have grown out of them. But we always keep that nebulizer close by! I am glad Andrew was well taken care of!

Hi! said...

So glad all is well! That Andrew has a mind of his own, but that clever nurse outwitted him!

Melanie said...

Emily--trips to the ER are SO not fun! Isn't it nice when they give the kids something? When Christian had his finger tip cut off and we went the ER, they gave me a bear. He was so happy and still loves it to this day :)

CJAllred said...

What a really cool dog, Andrew! You lucky guy. I'm glad that Clifford helped you get the treatment you needed. Smart nurse.