Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Children's Museum

Today some friends invited us to go to the Children's museum in an adjoining city. The Kids had an amazing time!
Andrew loved this activity: This contraption is so much fun. The kids stuffed the scarfs in a suction tube that pulled the scarf up. Then you get to watch the scarf dance all through the tubes before it is spit out. Andrew loved running to find his scarf. He would try to catch it before it fell, but that was so hard because it came out so fast.
This was cute. Jacob was tugging so hard on this pulley that was attached to a very heavy bowling ball. He tugged and tugged and finally got it. Great determination Jake!
Andrew pumping gas for the first time, into a big rig no less.
All the kids loved this wall. They would put a ball in the top to watch it ping pong through the wall. It was tricky though because they would have to pull levers and spin other parts to make the shelves and trays move so the ball would make it into the goal. They sure had a great day. Thanks friends. --emily


Anonymous said...

Very cool place, a boys paradise!
Love, momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

Children's museums are such fun places. Jake looked VERY determined. NEVER GIVE UP!! I see Andrew was wearing his BYU T-shirt. Go big blue!

Darci said...

Really, that place is always a hit. I love all the fun activities you do with the kids and their friends.