Monday, April 26, 2010

Favorite Things Swap

My friend Darci put together a "favorite things swap". The idea was to pick three of our favorite things, one that is hand made, and send it off to the person that Darci matched us up with. It was a fun exchange because some gals knew each other and other didn't. I sent my favorite things to Donya, whom I have never met before. I have known the gal that sent me her favorite things for a long time, so it was fun to see what favorite things she picked.

I loved opening my bag and pulling out everything amazing and yummy. Joanne sent me a beaded watch that I love, a jewelry pouch that will be very useful when I am traveling, and a bag of Dark Chocolate covered pomegranates that I have never had before. They didn't make it into the picture because they have already been enjoyed! Thanks Joanne!
What a great activity Darci! Thanks again. --emily


Dave and Joanne Perry said...

Hey Emily, I'm glad you got your package. We didn't see your house numbers, but hoped we had the right house. I'm serious about the watch ... if you need to exchange it for a different color or have it re-sized, we can do it! It was a fun activity!

CJAllred said...

Cool watch! And the bag is darling too. That is a much nicer gift then most of us got at Relief Society. They said to bring something that you use every day. There were a lot of kitchen utensils and perfumed hand lotions exchanged.