Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthday Week

Jacob's birthday breakfast request was pop-tarts and milk.
Jacob's kindergarten class has a cool tradition. On each kid's special day, because not everyone celebrates birthdays, they get to share their "me person". It tells all about his favorite things and his likes and dis-likes. He was deathly shy sitting in front of the class talking about himself.
In Jacob's class there are a few kids with allergies, so they have a strict no food rule. Jacob picked pencils as his gift for his classmates. Here he is handing the pencils out to all his friends as they line up to leave for the day.
Jacob wanted home-made pizza for his Birthday dinner. The boys had so much fun helping with dinner prep.
Jacob's dessert request was cake pops.
On Saturday we had a kid party with a few of Jacob's friends from the neighborhood. Here they are playing a chopstick-dice-candy game. It was so fun to watch.
We also had a bug hunt. I hide plastic bugs around the house and the kids filled their jars.
And a pinata of course. I think Kelly likes the pinata more than the kids at times. He is such a cute pinata leader.
I love it when the kids gather in so close that no one else can see. What a darling group of kids! It was a good group. They were all so nice and kind to each other. It was a successfully fun party!
For dessert I made, dirt and worms and worm cake pops. Yummy . . .
Happy Birthday big boy! -- Love, Mom


Shannon said...

looks like such a fun party!


Hi! said...

What a perfect week and party!

CJAllred said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob!! It looks like it was a really fun party. Love your theme, too. All the food looked fab-U-lous!