Thursday, September 29, 2011

Born To Run

Today was Jacob's elemantry school walk-a-thon!
He was so cute! He ran with all his might. He was weaving around people, and had darling arm pumps. It is in his blood to run. He looked so natural.
He was so excited to show me how many laps he had run. Every time he lapped pass me he was so proud to show me he had earned another punch. They ran for one hour and Jacob lapped 23 times. He was so disapointed he had to stop. He would have run for another hour if they let him.

I am so proud of you Jacob, you worked so hard and did your best. --emily


Hi! said...

Too cute! I love Jacob's enthusiasm!
Love momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

Wow!! You ran for an hour and could even go further if they let you. You are the man, Jacob. Great Job!