Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend we were supposed to be camping with our friends at Lake Wenatchee, but we kept having things come up that prevented us from going. Then the evening before we were to be on the road, I broke my foot. So as a family we decided to stay home and make the most of this long holiday weekend.
Saturday afternoon Kelly put up the tent in the back yard. We invited a
few friends from the alley over to roast marshmallows and make
s'mores. The kids played in the dark tent with glow sticks. They giggled for hours!
Then at about 10:30 everyone went home and the boys settles in for the night. They slept in our awesome giant tent that filled our teeny yard. They had a uneventful and fun night sleeping under the stars. Our tent has a mesh top so you can see the night sky, but if it is rainy like it often is in the Northwest it has a cover. Don't they look cozy!
The next afternoon we were out in the alley. When our neighbor informed us that she saw the mama bear, out her bathroom window, in the alley last night. Our neighbor lives only 3 houses away. So my boys were only feet away from "mama" bear with a teeny picket fence keeping her away. I am glad she wasn't feeling aggressive. Otherwise this would be a sad blog post.
Sunday evening we went to our friends' house for an amazing dinner and fun conversation. Then with all the camping gear still in the yard, the boys wanted to roast more marshmallows, so we did. But this time they didn't spend the night in the tent.
It was a great weekend spending quality time together as a family.


Hi! said...

Way to make the most of a bad break! (pun intended) Looks like everyone had a great time, including a mama bear, who was hoping to lick the sugar off your boys fingers!

CJAllred said...

Boo Hoo. Sorry you weren't able to go camping with your friends. But it looks like you still got to go camping with all the conveniences of home. I'm glad mama bear didn't come after the marshmallows. Yikes! Hey, Kelly. What's with the buzz?