Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Andrew's Birthday Week

Andrew started his day celebrating at preschool.
He picked pizza for his birthday dinner, "But not like the kind we had for Jake's. The kind that they bring to our house." So we ordered a pizza dinner.
Andrew then opened gifts and has been playing non-stop with his batman cave and guys ever since.
Andrew's friend birthday party had an Owl theme. Here are his party invitations. Of all the invitations I've made, they are one of my favorites.
I made owl masks for all the kids; they looked so darn cute in them. Andrew is showing us his talons.
We did a kid owl craft.
Cute Jake in his owl mask! He was a really good helper at the party.
We played an M&M game with kid chopsticks.
Andrew picked out a Bat pinata.
The bird beak got in the way a little when blowing out his candles, but he made it work! It was a fantastic birthday week. Thanks for being such a darling little boy. We love you so much! --Mommy


Hi! said...

Such a hoot! Great party and pictures, especially the one of Andrew's blue, blue eyes! Great party.

CJAllred said...

Great invitations and owl masks! What a hoot. It looks like Andrew made out like a bandit with all that loot.