Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall City Farms

Today was the perfect day for the pumpkin patch. The sun was shinning, the sky was blue. There were happy smiles upon little faces. The doughnuts were warm and yummy, cider was full of amazing flavor.
Going to the pumpkin patch is definitely one of the activities we most look forward to each October. This was our second year going to the Fall City Farms pumpkin patch. The boys got new boots this week, so they were all ready to hike through the dirt and mud looking for the perfect pumpkins.
We loved watching the process of make apple cider. They shredded the apples, wrapped them in a cloth, then pressed them in a hydraulic press to get all the juice out. They even gave us some free samples. Yummy . . . It was fun to see the whole production.
The Boys picking the perfect pumpkins.
Jacob has a wonderful smile, but he doesn't like to show it in pictures. In this photo, we are sitting on some large pumpkins that made excellent chairs.
The boys love to spray water, so we put them in charge of cleaning the pumpkins. Here is Andrew washing the pumpkins.
Here is Mr. Jacob having his turn. I think Jacob enjoyed hosing down the pumpkins more than he enjoyed picking them out in the field.
Here we are getting ready for a hayride. Kelly had to resort to tickling Jacob to make him smile for the photo.--emily


Hi! said...

Super cool day! You have found such a wonderful pumpkin patch, the old fashioned kind are the best. Nice, a pumpkin wash, who would have thunk it, that you don't have to bring the dirt home with the squash!
Love the boys awesome hats, and the tough expressions while sitting on the pumpkins, you little roughians! Emily, when you were about the same age we went to Auburn CA every fall to get pumpkins and watch the farmers press fresh cider, so delicious!

CJAllred said...

Looks like a really fun family excursion. Looked pretty warm, too. Nice looking pumpkins, guys.