Monday, October 31, 2011


The boys wanted to be M&Ms this year, so I made their costumes. They were so cute dressed up as M&M candies. We started trick-or-treating early. Kelly took an early bus home, we had a quick dinner and headed out. Andrew was feeling sick so he only made it a few houses before he asked, "Can we go home now?" Poor little Andrew wasn't even up for a good candy hunt. So Kelly and Andrew went home to hand out the treats! Andrew wanted to hold the candy bowl while Kelly put candy in the bags of the kids who came to the door.
Jacob and I kept on the hunt. We enjoyed a hayride, and more door knocking with friends
The boys checking out out their loot! It was quite the haul. --emily


Shannon said...

Emily - those M&M costumes are ADORABLE! (You also have adorable kids in them - I bet that makes it easier!)

Way to go!

Colleen said...

What a CUTE pair of M&M's!!! Darling costumes! I know a lot of people who had sick kids Halloween night, tis the season! Hope Andrew is feeling better already!

manders said...

Emily you are very talented. Love the costumes. Cute boys

Hi! said...

Too bad Andrew wasn't feeling well, how cute he made the most of it by handing out candy. Love their costumes, and I noticed that the insides were "chocolate", nice touch! You should have been a red M&M, I know where the costume is!

CJAllred said...

Really cute costumes! They would be great here in a colder climate where you could wear them over your coat. The boys look darling. Sorry to hear Andrew wasn't feeling well. Looks like he still got lots of candy.