Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Fun

This year we made our valentines ourselves. I think they turned out cute. The boys had a great time making them too. They picked out the color glitter-paper and glued it all together. They chose a plastic animal for each person specifically. My favorite part was their cute little finger holding the string knot on the back so I could tie it tight.
Andrew thoroughly enjoyed handing out his valentines to his class mates. This was his first year to have a real class Valentines party. He thought it was awesome!
Andrew came with me to help volunteer at Jacob's class for his party, Andrew was so helpful. Here he is holding Jacob's Valentine bag. He helped a bunch of other kids hold their bags too. Jacob's class played a cute game and made a fun snack. It was a fun day for a party. --emily

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CJAllred said...

That is So Cool. Jacob gets to go to Andrew's class excursions and participate in all the fun. And Andrew gets to go to Jacob's class parties and help out. I remember when I went with Kimberly's kindergarten class to the Sunshine Biscuit Company and Kelly went along. One lady kept saying how cute Kelly was--he was so little. She didn't realize at first that he wasn't in kindergarten yet. And YES, he was cute.