Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why I (heart) NYC

Lunch at Serendipity: They are famous for their frozen hot chocolate. Kelly and I each had a BLT and a frozen hot chocolate. It absolutely lived up to all the hype. All our food was so yummy! I wish I was eating that for dinner right now! Yummm . . .

The Love Sign: This was on my list of things to sees in NYC. It happened to be right across from our hotel!
Dylan's Candy Bar: Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren she has this darling candy shop in a great part of town. We ate some yummy candy and still have a bucket to prove it. Thanks for the recommendation Kate!
I love that in NYC a stop light is only a suggestion to drivers.
I love that in NYC a 3 lanes road can be a 4. All our taxi drivers would drive between lanes while honking.
I love that in NYC people are so amazingly friendly. We had free drinks brought to our table in one restaurant. An old man offered to buy me diamonds! No really . . .
I love that in NYC everything is only a walk away.
I love that in NYC a pedestrian walk sign is optional. Look both ways and walk.
I love that in NYC on trash day there are heaps of garbage on the side walk and then like magic it is all picked up by the end of the day.
I love that in NYC the meat trucks come out at 11:00 pm.
I love that in NYC the town really never sleeps. Everything is always open.
I love that in NYC there are hundreds of amazing restaurants to eat in. We ate out almost every meal and we weren't disappointed once.

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Laurie said...

LOVE reading about your trip!!! I think you pretty much saw everything. On your list for next time lunch at the bar in the Empire State Building.

And your photo from the 911 site with the name and unborn Hadn't even thought about those situations. How utterly sad.
Great photos and glad you and Kelly had such an amazing time.