Friday, April 3, 2009

Can we get some SunShine please!

Andrew Loves to hand me my sunglasses whenever they are out of place (not in the car). I will usually humor him and put them on myself, but today I put them on him and he thought that was funny. 
 The red polo shirt that Andrew has on used to be Jacob's and this morning 
Jacob says: Mom I have a shirt just like that.
Mom: That is actually your shirt but you are to big for it. 
Jacob: He looks so cute in it.  --emily


Darci said...

What do you know . . . he was just getting ready for our beautiful sunny streak of weather! Can you believe these last few days?!?! Bring on spring.

Colleen said...

And now you are getting that much loved and needed sun! Hope those shades are on, they look so cute!

CJAllred said...

The shirt fits Andrew perfectly. He is such a big kid! Does this mean that Andrew is only one size smaller than Jacob?