Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grandma's house

A couple of Saturdays ago we went to Grandma & Grandpa's house in Bellevue for the afternoon. The boys always watch too much TV and eat too many M&Ms, but that is why it is so much fun. We did get outside and got some fresh air. My boys always love to visit a new park. I wish they made kid parks more like dog parks though. At a dog park the whole place is fenced in and there is plenty of room to run and play, but it is gated so they are contained. My Andrew will always find the opening in a "normal" kid park. It is always a game with him--to run to the opening and escape. In the dog park style my kids could really run and play in a confined space and be safe. --emily


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great! I need to send you the "action" shots I got of Jacob. Your children are darling! Love, Mom

Leslie said...

no kidding you would think it would make sense to have a fence around the park... my kids always take off too.

CJAllred said...

I see a lot of fences around parks to keep the kids safe from running out into the street, but also for safety from Stranger Danger.