Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Fixed Up

Today we had Gordon "fixed". So in preparation for his return home I wanted to talk with the boys about the cone he would be wearing on his head. I wanted the boys to be comfortable with this. So a couple of week ago Jacob had borrowed a movie from the library. It was a Clifford movie. In a scene from the movie, Clifford's friend (a cute little pink dog) can't stop scratching herself so she has to wear a cone. As I was talking to Jacob this morning about Gordon's cone, he remembered this scene from the movie and began to retell the whole Clifford story. And then added that the girl dog that had to wear a cone looked so cute in a cone and Gordon would be cute too. --emily


Anonymous said...

Poor "cute" Gordon, he even looks sad. Gordon is thinking, "I know something is missing but you really didn't have to compensate with this cheezie cone hat."

CJAllred said...

Jacob has a great memory. It sounds like he was very sympathetic to Gordon. Gordon looks pretty mellow. He's probably back to his old self by now.

Darci said...

Is it sad that I remember that Clifford episode well? PBS is one of the only kid channels we get. Gotta love the cone!