Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making cookies with Andrew

Jacob requested chocolate chip cookies for our afternoon snack today. The boys both had immunization shots at the doctor earlier, so I indulged Jacob in his request. Andrew helped me make them. He is such a great helper. He was eating just as much dough as he was putting on the tray. He would look up at me like, "Am I supposed to be eating this because it is so yummy!"
I let him get away with it. --emily


Colleen said...

I always eat as much dough as I put on the tray too :). What a fun mom!! I think they should get extra treats when immunizations have been given as well.

CJAllred said...

I LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough! And hey, I want one of those cookie dough scoops.

Darci said...

Cookie dough is a must for my kids too. I have recently appreciated the frozen cookie dough ball treat for myself. You've gotta try it.

Anonymous said...

Smart boy Drew! Love that cookie dough!
Love, momAKAgrandma