Sunday, January 10, 2010

New City Hall

Our city recently finished the construction of a new city hall building. They had a dedication ceremony and open house on Saturday so that the local people could come and view the new building. We had been looking forward to the event for days. It is a completely "green" building and it is beautiful. The dedication meeting started with the mayor giving a speech and thanking everyone who was involved in the planning and construction. Jacob and Andrew didn't have the patience to sit through it for very long, so we snuck out early to see the rest of the building. The boy's favorite part was the elevator. They love to ride on elevators, mainly because they like pushing buttons. It was fun to go to an open house of a building such as this in our community. They had great artwork throughout the building. There were amazing glass sculptures and paintings from local artists.
The exterior landscape was also amazing. There were grass mounds and rock formations. The boys enjoyed running and playing all over. I had a hard time pealing Andrew from his new-found fun! He had a great time walking around and around on one of the rock formations that was in a circle shape.
I am glad that we went. We had a great time. --emily


CJAllred said...

That is so cool that you are so involved in your community. That is funny that the boys wanted to ride the elevator. Busy boys. Great murals on the wall. Isn't that Snoqualmie falls?

Darci said...

What a fun family activity. I wish the cheap thrills for the kids would last.