Friday, August 20, 2010

Going To The Zoo! How about You?

We are still in Washington, not Morocco, although it would be fun to be in Morocco. We are at the zoo. They have camel rides for the kids. We took Kelly's Mom and step Dad to the zoo today. It was a great day for some outdoor fun.
Jacob had a great time playing with the Meerkat. Jacob is the perfect height. They are looking eye to eye at each other. He walked up to the window and the Meerkat came right up to the window almost "playing" with Jake.
(Look closely at the picture to see the Meerkat)
My baby bird,
and buddy Snail!
Have you seen Dora the Explorer? This is what a real Armadillo looks like. Aren't they cute! They have so much crazy energy he was shaking like he had a cold shiver.
In the zoo show we watched there was a darling beaver that was trained to do tricks. He was so cute. He dove into a pool and chopped a "tree" (a little stick) down then dragged it off. Trained dogs are one thing, but a beaver--that is amazing!
We ended our day with Grandpa stroller rides. As you can see, the boys are lovin' it! --emily


Anonymous said...

What a great day, camel rides, a meerkat, armadillo, and a beaver, Oh my! Looks like a wonderful outing.

Leslie said...

how fun!! was that point definance?? miss you guys!

CJAllred said...

That was fun to watch the boys ride the camel. They've done something I've never done before. And those were the cutest meerkats I have ever seen. They looks almost human standing up on their hind legs checking things out. A great day at the zoo.