Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Day @ The Aquarium

My cousin Leslie, who I grew up with, who now lives in Michigan was in town for a summer visit to see family and friends. We took the kids to the Aquarium on the Seattle water front to enjoy some time out of the Hot Hot sun. We had a great time sharing this fun adventure with our kids.
Our afternoon began with some Ivars for lunch and some french fries for the seagulls to enjoy. It took the kids a moment to get warmed up to the idea of hand feeding the birds. But as you can see, the birds knew what they were doing. This helped the kids feel at ease.
Inside the Aquarium there is this amazing touch tank and they allow the kids to explore the star fish and sea anemones up close and personal.
Andrew loved putting his little hands in the water and gently touching the star fish. The rule is to touch them with one finger. That way it is a softer and more gentle touch.
I want a flower garden in this color pallet. Aren't they beautiful?
This was beautiful fused glass art work that was a wall border near the kid area. It was amazing! It made me want to go and make some fused glass tiles.
This here is a Jelly fish circle tank. It was awesome! The tank has a small current so the jelly fish slowly went around this amazing tank. The kids loved sitting on the floor and waiting for the Jellies to pass them on the floor window.
Another picture of the Jellies in the tank!
The Aquarium had a great section of dress up scuba diver clothes. They kids enjoyed putting on the diving gear. Leslie played with the kids here. So I could go and feed the car meter. I think it is lame that you can only park in 2 hour increments down town. So I had to go and feed it twice through the day. Lame!
I love how Alyssa color-coordinated all her gear. Looking great girl!
We capped off the day with a ice cream at McY D's. It was the perfect way to end our great day. We can't wait to see you guys again! We had a great afternoon. --emily


Krisser said...

This is one of our family's favorite places to visit! We especially love feeding the seagulls! Love seeing your family!

Colleen said...

The Seattle Aquarium is so GREAT! What fantastic photos with the touch tank. And Ivars, yummy! Congrats, too, to your family and your brother and his new wife! Beautiful bride!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day for all of you to spend together and a great way to beat this REALY hot weather. I love watching the jellyfish in that tank. My favorite is the octopus, can't remember her name. One day when I took a field trip to the aquarium, I watched her for over an hour, incredibly active. She was amazing. It was fun to have Leslie and family here if only for a few days.

Leslie said...

Em that was SO much fun!! the kids and I just loved it!!! It was so nice to see you after all these years. It was just like old times. miss you guys already.


CJAllred said...

You have a great aquarium there. I don't think I remember the jelly fish tank. It all looks so kid-friendly. Fun scuba gear.
I hear you on feeding the meters. When we went to Philadelphia they made you pay by credit card at a parking meter kiosk--with a two hour limit. If you went out to add more to the time before it expired, they didn't add it on to the back end of the time you had already paid up for, just from the time you paid the second time. So you could easily lose money. What a pain!