Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some of my pre-camp work

I made a bag like this for all our girls. The purpose is a makeup bag or a pen pouch for their school bag. I wanted them to have something in there every day to remind them to "Stand a little taller." As a unit we were the Giraffes.
We have a great tradition of making "beads" to trade with each-other at camp.
The beads I made for this year:
The Giraffes are our unit bead.
The Lady bugs are our ward bead.
The butterflies are my friend bead.
We all exchange "friend beads" so in the end we have a huge string of memories.
It is awesome!
This is our unit poster I put together with the help of my vinyl-expert friend Melissa. Thanks for the trade. It was sooo worth it. The darling girls are our Junior Councilors (JCs):

Nicole, Becky, Sierra and our adopted JC Whitney.
My friend Kay painted these darling giraffes for our unit. She painted 5 for me. They were all different colors: green, pink, yellow, purple, and blue. I had them laminated so they would survive the harsh conditions of camp. Andrew wanted one for his room, so now that camp is over, he has this green one and a yellow one hanging on his walls. They are darling! --emily

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