Thursday, April 21, 2011

Train Dinner with the Mayor

Snoqualmie city mayor Matt Larson treated the many city volunteers to a dinner aboard the Northwest Railway Museums’ antique train last week. Since I am on the Parks Board for the city, I was invited and got to bring the whole family. It was fun to be on the historic train again and see the beautiful sights of our city. We enjoyed mingling with some of our friends and neighbors who were also on the train. Mayor Larson was kind enough to pose with our family for this photo. --Kelly


Leslie said...

how cool is that??!!! so what do you do for the parks board??? sounds like fun.

EM LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!! so wish we could go shopping together!! I need a change. :)

Hi! said...

What a fun time, a date with the Mayor!

CJAllred said...

That is great that you are so involved in your community, Kelly. It looks like it even has some nice perks. The train ride sounds like a special treat for the whole family. Glad you had such a fun experience.