Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend we have our grandpa in town and he has always wanted to go and see the tulip festival up north. It is still a little early in the season, but we decided to go and check it out anyway. Grandpa is only in town for a couple of days, so Saturday morning we woke up and got dressed warmly in hopes that we could see some tulips before the weather was too wet and cold.
It was a bit muddy! But it was great fun for the boys. Andrew kept slipping in the mud and catching himself with his hands. Kelly had him rinse his hands in the deep muddy water to get clean, or less sloppy muddy! Good thing I brought a change of clothes:)
The flowers were amazing!
All the reports I read online said it was still a little early for tulips, but I am glad that we made the trip. If we had waited, we would have missed the daffodils! They were worth the drive. Grandpa enjoyed all the amazing flowers too. I am glad we went while he was in town.
As we were driving to find some good food to eat we came upon a field that had 10,000 white geese in it! Not that we counted them. What a amazing sight. There must have been something delicious in that grass. I was even brave enough to go in the field with them to take pictures. Yes, that is a big deal! When I was a little girl I was bitten on the bum by a goose. I blame it on the terry-cloth shorts I was waring at the time. Wearing jeans today I thought I would be okay. Sure enough I survived!
We ate dinner at this yummy restaurant, changed the boys into their jammies and headed home for the evening. It was a perfect day trip. I love a good day trip! --emily


SusGus said...

looks like a fun family outing! We love day trips too.

Hi! said...

Glad you took a chance and drove all the way up to the tulip and daffodil fields with Kelly's dad. Good planning on the second set of clothes, jammies and rain (mud) boots. The flowers are beautiful. Glad to see you have overcome your phobia of geese, that sure was a large flock for you to be wandering around in. Maybe they were laying over in La Conner waiting for it to get warmer since it is still pretty cold here. Looks like a great day for everyone.
Love, momAKAgrandma

Leslie said...

Oh man, I MISS THAT!!! there is a place out here called Holland MI. every spring they have a tulip festival. I was so excited to go I couldn't wait.. then we got there and I was so sad...Caesar couldn't understand why until we came home and I showed him pictures of the one back home. I would love to take him to that one day.. I LOVE the muddy hands shot!! what a great picture!!! glad you all had a wonderful time!!

CJAllred said...

I love fields of flowers. It looks like you went at just the right time. How fun! We went to the tulip festival in Holland and it was magnificent!

CJAllred said...

Hey, by the way, awesome photography of the flowers!

Cindy said...

Um...the tulip festival is like 15 mins from my house so next time, please stop by!!!!