Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fire Department Annual Safety Fair

Jacob and I attended the annual safety fair at the fire station today. Andrew wanted to come too, but he was too sick to leave the house, so Emily stayed home with him. Jacob had a great time learning about fire safety and trying out some of the firefighters' equipment.
Jacob was a great shot with the fire hose.
They hadAlign Left several fire and police vehicles on hand for the kids to see. Here Jacob is standing next to a police dirt bike. He also got to sit in the police car.
One of the coolest vehicles was the firetruck. It was full of cool equipment and gadgets. They also had balloons, snacks, and a bouncy house. Here Jacob is getting a firetruck painted on his face.
Jacob got to meet Smokey the Bear, who was there to promote fire safety and the prevention of forest fires.
The firefighters demonstrated their life-saving tools by ripping apart an old car. They pulled off the doors and then cut off the roof.
Jacob had a great time and didn't want to leave. --Kelly

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CJAllred said...

Wow!! That must have been SOMETHING to see the car doors ripped off and the roof cut off! That has got to take big strong muscles. And you don't see gadgets inside a fire truck every day. Those were probably really cool too. No wonder Jacob didn't want to leave. Sounds like a real manly day. I'm sorry to hear that Andrew was not feeling well. I hope everyone is healthy this weekend.