Friday, April 22, 2011


Jacob’s pre-school class took a field trip to the zoo. Andrew and I came along for the fun. The boys had a great time running around with their friends and seeing all the fun animals. The weather was nice so lots of the animals were out basking in the sun. It was a good day for the zoo! Jacob’s favorite animal was the Jaguar. Andrew’s favorite animal was the penguins.
Jacob was a great tour guide on this adventure. He did a great job reading the map, figuring out where we were and how to get to the next spot. Kelly enjoyed hearing about the boys' fun adventure that evening. I’m glad Jacob’s pre-school teacher plans such fun activities for the kids. --emily

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CJAllred said...

Jacob, that is quite a talent to be able to read a map. Way to go! Again, nice weather for a very fun outing. It's always fun to go to the zoo. Cute picture on the hippo.