Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Best 4th of July Ever!

Growing up, my family was often invited to the Bowen's family cabin for the 4th of July. As a young girl, I grew a huge love for this festive day. I was shown how amazing and fun this holiday could be. An all-American day BBQ, family, friends, games, relaxing by the lake sort of day. Thanks for throwing such great parties and being a great example for me to try to emulate for my own family. Today was up there in the perfect day catagory.
Our morning began at 9:00 a.m. with neighbors gathering in the alley behind our house. We decided to host a pre-bike-parade-party. We decorated bikes and all forms of wheeled transportation. We ate doughnuts and drank chocolate milk. But most of all we had a great time gathering and enjoying each other's company.
We then walked to the school were the parade would start, for the big loop through town. They were handing out red, white, and blue star silly bands. This girl was applying "water stickers" as we call them in our home.
Boys patiently waiting for the parade to start.
And we are off. That is Kelly in the blue polo, and there is little Drew on the bike in front of him.
The parade ends at a local park. The city provides bouncy houses and lots of family fun activities! A good use of our dues in my opinion.
After the community party, we went home for a few hours of down time. I then mixed up our contributions for our next party, BBQ, firework extravanganza. Call it what you want. It was amazing. Great food, fun friends and neighbors, and the kids all played so nicely! Kelly and Andrew enjoying some white chocolate dipped strawberries with the ends dipped in blue sprinkles. Darling and yummy!
The boys enjoying setting off good smoke bombs.
Andrew was showing me this little tank firework that he thought was so cool!
Andrew and Jake were enjoying some fun foutain fireworks. They did a great job keeping a safe distance and staying out of the danger zone. It was a good, safe and fun year!
Here we have the classic Jacob hammin' it up picture. I think I get one every time I shoot pictures. He is going to have an awesome senior picture video reel in 12 years!
Jacob and his friend Will being sill boys, having a great time with sparklers.
Andrew right before he began to crash for the night. He was so tired. We had a great day! We are so blessed to have so much fun as a family. --emily


Annette said...

Thanks, Emily. Looks like great fun.

Hi! said...

The Bowen's do throw great parties! Your family day looked absolutely spectacular, lots of fun and excitement. Love the pictures, you have to hand the camera to Kelly's at least one time per adventure, so we know you are there. The last picture is great, Kelly and drew have sun kissed cheeks and Drew's eye lids need propping open.
Love, momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

Two darling boys there. Love the picture of Kelly and Andrew. It looks like such a fun Independence Day Celebration! We worked in the yard all day until it was time to go see fireworks In Mapleton. It was a great fireworks show.
Love you guys,
Grandma Allred