Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ward Party

On Saturday or ward had a BBQ at a local park. It was a fun party. They thought of everything. The boys favorite part was the balloons. The Primary was in charge of bringing activities for the kids. They brought sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and balloons to tie! In my option the best part about the balloons was the cute mom tying them. She admittedly had no ideal what she was doing, but the kids didn't notice or care. They thought it was great. Jacob has on a balloon hat that is an amazing mess, but he believes it is the best thing ever because a 14 year old boy made it just for him. --emily


Hi! said...

Great party and the Primary sure got the activities right. Gotta love balloon hats and swords.
Love, momAKSgrandma

CJAllred said...

It sounds like lots of fun. That gives me an idea for our ward party.

CJAllred said...

I want to learn how to tie long balloons into animals.