Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trying New Things

This weekend I joined the crazy world of "Cake Pops". After watching a few tutorials on You-Tube about how they are made, I felt like I had graduated from chocolatier school and could make them like a professional. So a "Cake Pop" is this desert item where you take a perfectly good cake and cut it up in pieces, mix it in the Kitchen Aid until it is the consistency of Play Doh, role it into cookie-size balls, chill, and cover in chocolate. I had a hard time bringing myself to take a perfectly good cake and chop it up into mush, but after making and tasting them, I am now converted. Jacob, whose birthday isn't until September, told me today that this is the desert he wanted for his birthday celebration. This is saying something because I make a mean cupcake. --emily


Hi! said...

They are darling and deadly to a diet, since, no, you can't eat just one! A friend at work brought them in and wanted to give me the recipe since they were so cute and easy, I politely refused cause they are DELICIOUS! Her recipe called for a baked cake mixed together with a can of pre-made frosting, covered in chocolate, 1000 calories in every bite!! They are beautiful all done up for showers and parties,

CJAllred said...

Looks absolutely scrumptious--and very professional. At first they looked like chocolate covered apples--in cupcake papers. I haven't seen those before. Sounds delish!