Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls camp 2011

Our stake divides the girls into units. My unit had eight girls: three junior counselors, me, and a partner adult counselor. We had girls from several different wards. We were such an amazing mix of girls. No major drama. They were kind, helpful, and happy girls. Here they are working through some ropes course activities.
This day we decided to dress up and be silly.
Every morning my unit girls participated in the polar dip. I went as the supportive friend/counselor, but I was too much of a chicken to jump in. Way too cold for this old lady! Here are my cute girls looking frozen.
Here is Fred our unit chipmunk. He wasn't afraid of the girls at all. They even tossed rocks at him and he just hung out. Stupid chipmunk!
This is our ward group. What a good looking group of dirty girls.
This Amazing hair belongs to Annie. The more stuff in your hair the better. 2 chopsticks, 2 braids, 1 glow stick, a bandanna, and an Asian fan. Her group was the kung fu pandas.
Sisterly Love! Cute Kate and Meg.
My car filled with darling girls. "i i love you like a love song baby, i i love you like a love song baby, i i love you like a love song baby and I keep hitting re p p p p p p p eat"
This group of crazy girls went down the freezing cold river 10 times this day. I was there to capture their fun. I sat in a folding chair placed in the river with my feet cooling off my warm body. I chatted with the adult ladies and loved my girls as they ended their river run right in front of us. Here they are proudly showing me what run they are on.
Who can forget the friendly pranks. One evening I was lovingly greeted by Miss Beverly neatly tucked into my sleeping bag. She is just a little creepy, don't you think? Thanks Mara and Katelyn. She is a perfect, pee-your-pants, not-mean type of prank.
My first time ever shooting a gun. Not too bad for a girl who doesn't like guns.
Ward night we played fun Minute-to-Win-It games. Here they are sporting their straws that they used to pick up (suck) an M&M and carry it to another bowl 10 feet away.
After memorizing each "value scriptures," the stake YW presidency painted one nail with the coordinating color for the value. After memorizing all 8, you received a root beer float. Your painted nails were the ticket to get a root beer float everyday after that. This was good motivation to get the girls to do their memorizing done early. Only at camp can you get away with awesome nails like this. My toes happen to be purple. I think they look good together.
It was a great week up at girls camp! To the average person it looks FUN, but the reality is it's an emotional, hard-manual-labor, exhausting, no-sleep week. Some of the girls have never had to be responsible for cooking a meal or pick up after themselves. I am not complaining. I had an amazing group of girls, and I can't wait till next year, but camp doesn't just happen by itself. There are so many pre-camp hours before we ever get up to the dirt. Ahhhh . . . camp is complete 'till next year. --emily


Hi! said...

Another awesome year at Girl's Camp! You did such a great job and I KNOW that you spent an incredible amount of time preparing for the big week. All that hard work done ahead makes for a fun and wonderful week with the girls. I love the counting pictures of the river run, and the value nail polish, cute. You needed to put in a picture of your girls in their unit capes. Bless you for all of your hard work for the Young Women of your Ward and the Stake Girl's Camp! I know they love you.

CJAllred said...

Girl's Camp looks like a blast. Good work as always, Emily. I love the value nail polish idea too. It looks like leaders and girls all had a great time. Now aren't you thankful for your cozy bed at home?

Katie Tyler said...

those girls are so lucky! they probably loved having you for a leader:)
And I remember my first year as a leader (when I was 19 years old) coming home exhausted and shocked at all the work (and emotion) that goes into one weak of camp!