Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making Jam

Yesterday I made jam for the first time with my strawberry picking buddy. It is so yummy! I don't know why I have never made jam before. It is so simple and fun for the whole family. Pick, chop, mix done! It is that easy. I made this jam intending to give it away. I don't know if it is going to make it out the door. Yesterday we ended with six containers. Today we have already eaten jam on toast and jam sandwiches. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!--emily


Colleen said...

It is so good! And fun to make with the whole gang! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I think a pantry with jam, perserves, canned fruit and vegetables is so beautiful. Your six minus one pots of jam are so pretty. I just wrote a story about Sister Guenther making her weekly batch of bread, 12 loaves plus rolls and we would have warm rolls with butter and the "jam of the week" she had made for the winter.It was so amazing, a happy memory.
I want to make buleberry jam, are you game?

monique said...

It's funny...I made some freezer jam the same day you did! It's so yummy. I need to make more. Glad yours turned out so good!

P.S. Thanks for the stickers. The kids LOVE them! Your little notes were cute too. Great idea! Sorry I didn't make your boys' seperate. I thought of that after the fact. Oh well!

manders said...

yummy, yummy way jealous looks delicious. Nothing is better than homemade jam. miss ya

CJAllred said...

The jam looks yummy as well as beautiful. I don't think I could part with that after all the time and love you put into it. How does Jacob like eating jam he picked the berries for? I'm glad you are enjoying the FRUITS of your labors.

Darci said...

Yummo! I too waited a long time to make my own jam. I'm not afraid any longer! Look how brave we are.
I haven't forgotten about the sticker swap. The past week has been a little nutty, but it's on my list.