Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nap time

Today Andrew wasn't going to take a nap and boy did he need one. So I bribed Jacob with a Happy Meal and out for a car ride we went. Andrew was asleep 60 seconds after we where on the freeway. Just as I thought he would be. So Andrew was asleep and Jacob had a Happy Meal so all was good, right? No not in this case. I was caring Andrew into the house to lay him in his bed. I do this all the time and Andrew will stay asleep for a good two hour nap cozy in his bed. But today as we where in the laundry room slipping off our shoes. Jacob starts chattering in a Kid voice. So, game over. Andrew was up and wouldn't go back down for a nap. --emily


Leslie said...

oh man Em you tried so hard without any luck!! I'm so sorry missing nap time is the worst.

Colleen said...

Ooooh! That kills me! We don't do transplants well anymore, so I am always desperate to keep Luke awake in the car.

Darci said...

Cute picture! That really stinks when nap time is short. I miss them around my house.