Monday, June 15, 2009

Strawberry Patch

Our friends invited us to go with them to a local strawberry you-pick patch. My boys have never been to a you-pick patch and they had a great time. They where well behaved and I was so glad. The older grandma gals that were running the farm where very nice and had a great sense of humor. At one point I went to talk with them about paying extra for all the strawberries that Drew was eating. Her response was, "He is so darling he can eat as many as he wants." I delt with so many grumpy people last week her response was a breath of fresh air! 
Jacob did such a great job picking strawberries. He filled the box almost all by himself. I would put a couple strawberries in the box and Jacob would say, "No mom, this is my box. I want to do it myself." He did a great job. I am very proud of him. 

Washington Strawberries are very small, but they are so flavorful.
I asked Will to show me his Strawberry. Isn't that such a cute picture!

Andrew was explaining to me that it was the strawberry that made all the mess. I don't think one strawberry Andrew picked made it into the box. He ate so may he had a belly ache. Poor Drew! --emily


Anonymous said...

What a grand day. I used to pick strawberries as an older kid (12) for money. Sister Guenther would smile at me and would say she made no money from my picking. I was always surprised, and as I see Drew's face now I know!! Washington strawberries are the best, even the slugs love them. Did you make jam?

manders said...

looks like a lot of fun. I love the fact that Drew kept eating the strawberries too cute. Miss ya

The Siple Family said...

Mom, I am making jam in the morning with my picking buddy!

Darci said...

How fun! I love that Andrew is sitting on the strawberry plants. I guess he likes them! My little guy will only eat strawberrys right from our garden. We are enjoying the sweet treat.

Colleen said...

Fun fun! I'd probably look like Drew at the end too!

CJAllred said...

That Andrew has such cute chubby fingers--and a cute and innocent strawberry face. Jacob is such a big boy--wanting to fill his box of strawberries all by himself. Great fun. It will be fun to eat your homemade jam.