Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

It is tradition in our home to have Kelly's dad in for a visit over the Father's day weekend. On Saturday morning we headed over to the Pacific Science Center to use our season passes for the last time before they expired. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Mark for the fun year of Science! The boys had a fun time exploring and running around. While at the Science Center we took a ride on a space simulator. It was like a crazy jiggly car. The boys had fun!
We then headed over to the Space Needle for brunch. We have never eaten there before so it was quite a treat. The boys were well behaved. Our waitress was very attentive to us. She brought out the kids' food before ours was ready. This should be done in all restaurants. It worked out really well. By the time we were done working on feeding the boys, our food was out and it was so yummy. Perfect timing!
Below the Space Needle there is a small amusement park. On the way into brunch it caught Jacob's eye, so we said if he was good during our meal, he could pick one ride after we ate. All the rides look like they have been there since 1962 when the Space Needle was built for the World's fare. The rides look like they are going to fall apart, they are squeaky and rusted out. I am so glad that he picked this one because it is low to the ground so there is less of a distance to fall if the ride does break.
It is always good to have family in our home! --emily


Anonymous said...

What a fun and beautiful day for everyone. That restuarant had the food delivery figured out to perfection. Good thing Disney hasn't seen that duck ride; those ducks look a lot like Donald and you know how Disney doesn't like to share. Did you notice the creepy light bulbs in their eyes, spooky at night I bet!!

CJAllred said...

Excellent job on getting kids fed first. They don't have to wait and get cranky and parents can help them with their food if needed.
I remember having lunch once in the Space Needle and put my camera on the window sill. Before I knew it, the camera was 20 feet behind me because the top of the Space Needle rotates around. Luckily I was able to retrieve it all right.
I just took Ruthanne and Abby with me to Lagoon Amusement Park. They are still running many of the same rides from my childhood. Vintage and cute. But many of the rides are new. Even 6-year-old Abby thought all the big rides were AWESOME.
Sounds like your family had a great day.