Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flying to Indy

Our family adventure began on Thursday May 5th. Kelly, Jacob, Andrew and I boarded an airplane headed to Colorado. It was a flight that lasted 2.5 hours. We transferred in Colorado and took a 2.25 hour flight into Indianapolis, Indiana.

The boys were great on the flight. Jake and sat together and Kelly and Andrew sat next to each other. It worked out quite well. Jacob and I colored, played games and opened a few packages sent by grandma Mark. Jacob had a great time; he was still a little in awe of the whole airplane ride thing. The last time he was on a plane he was a teeny baby. So everything was pretty much new and super exciting for him.
Kelly and Andrew played, read books, colored, and played. Andrew was worn out by the second leg of the flight, so he and Kelly took a nap! Andrew was not happy when the flight attendant made him sit in his own seat with his seat belt on when it was time to land.
After waiting for our bags, renting a car, and all that exciting stuff, we headed to our hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. But no one local calls it that--it is known simply as Indy! We went to a local restaurant and filled our bellies and then crashed for the night! --emily


CJAllred said...

And so ends the first day of your great adventure. It was fun to meet up with you in Indy. Sooo glad you made it Thursday night.

Hi! said...

Great pictures; Jacob looks so excited, Kelly and Andrew completely relaxed, and gotta love those rocket jammies. What a fun trip for your family!
Love, momAKAgrandma

Colleen said...

FUN! I love family trips!