Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chicago In Bloom

One of my most favorite things about Chicago were all the amazing flowers everywhere. All the planters were in bloom, so bright and amazing! The trees too.
Some of my photos are blurry I know they should be perfect because the aren't wiggly children. But some of them like the one above were taken out of a moving car window.
There was so much cool art and architecture everywhere.

These potted plants were one of my favorite. They were huge pots with an amazing assortment of flowers. I want them for my yard! Not kidding.

This is our hotel in the foreground.
Down one of the main streets there were beautiful tulips grouped together by color. With all the tulips there were spray painted willow branches to match the color of the flowers. So here orange/yellow flowers with willow branches painted the same color as the flowers. But on the next block, pink flowers with spray painted pink branches and the next block purple flowers and purple sprayed branches it was supper cool looking.
Notice the darling little bird house in the planter. --emily


CJAllred said...

Wow--Really awesome flowers!! You could take your pictures to the nursery and they could identify any flowers you wanted for your yard. The pots and planters were really nice to see in the big city.

Leslie said...

oh Em I'm so glad things had bloomed by the time you came out.the spring time out this way is just amazing!! and so beautiful after 5 months of SNOW!!! those giant pots are AWESOME!!

Hi! said...

Love the flowers, amazing! Cute pic of the boys too. I adore those enormous planters too, three of those and you could nearly plant your garden.

CJAllred said...