Saturday, May 14, 2011


For the past year two years I have been attending a distance MBA program with Indiana University. It is finally time for graduation, and I was excited to be able to fly back to Indiana to participate in the commencement activities. I will complete the program in August, but everyone who will complete the program this year was invited to participate in the graduation ceremonies on the beautiful Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Indiana.
The first ceremony was for all graduate students across all programs. I got to meet some cool people from some of the other master's degree programs in the business school.
I was glad that Jacob and Andrew were able to attend and see me graduate. I hope they will be inspired to attend college when they are older and get all the education they can.
Emily brought lots of fun activities for the boys so that they wouldn't be too restless during the commencement ceremony. She also dressed the boys in cute Indiana-crimson ties that she made herself.
I can't say how glad I was to have my family with me. Emily has been such a great support throughout program. Jacob and Andrew had heard so much about Indiana, I'm glad they were able to finally be there themselves.
My dad, mom, and stepfather all flew out to attend the graduation as well. It was wonderful to have so much support.
On Saturday we attended a special dinner for all MBA graduates in my program. It was fun to mingle with some of my professors and friends. Jacob and Andrew were more interested in the Legos grandma Allred brought. We were so glad she brought a fun gift for the boys. It was perfect timing because they had already played with everything Emily brought for them to play with.
Later that night, we attended the graduate recognition ceremony specifically for MBA students in my program. Alan B. Gilman was the keynote speaker. Daniel Smith, dean of the business school, also gave inspiring words of advice. It was a great ceremony.
I was humbled to be selected as a recipient of the Student Leadership Award along with my friend, Jen Oberholtzer. It was a great addition to a wonderful night. --Kelly


Hi! said...

CONGRATULATIONS KELLY!!! We are all so proud of you and of your accomplishments! Just a few more months and then you can relax. Phew. So nice for your family to be able to go with you to celebrate your graduation. Thanks for waving in the photo shots, otherwise it was a "where's Waldo" picture.
Love, momAKAgrandma

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Congrats Kelly! That's so awesome, what a great accomplishment. And extra fun that Em and the boys could be there to celebrate as well. Nice work!