Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lego Land

Our first day in Chicago we went to Lego Land Discovery Center. What a fun place for two little boys that love everything Lego. This tourist is made completely out of Legos.
One of the reasons we decided to go to Chicago on vacation was that they had a Lego Land. Kelly and I had planned everything weeks in advance, but we didn't tell the kids we were going there until the night before. Jacob and Andrew both love to play with Legos, so we expected them to be totally excited when we told them about Lego Land. Jacob's reaction, however, was a little surprising. He said he didn't believe us and didn't think it really existed. He was happy the next day when we pulled up and saw that it was real.
The first exhibit was a jungle, where all the animals were made of Legos. Don't try this with a real hippo.
They also had some reproductions of famous artwork that were made completely of Lego blocks.
There was a testing station where the kids could make cars out of Legos and roll them down different ramps to see how fast they would go. Jacob and Andrew took the cars apart and just rolled the tires down the ramps.
There was a area with over-sized, soft-foam Lego bricks that the kids could build with and climb in.
One of the coolest exhibits was the 4D Lego movies. The theater blew wind, mist, and fake snow on the audience when those things occurred in the movie. Jacob was being so silly!
Here is Andrew through the mouth of a Lego lion.
At this Lego building station we built the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower) and a spinning hamburger top. I was impressed how well the boys followed directions. Jacob didn't need any help at all and Mr. Andrew needed hardly any extra directions.
We finished our night at the Rainforest Cafe with some good food and an amazing desert that we all shared. Yummm . . . --emily


manders said...

looks like you guys are having a great time in Chicago! love t he pics of the boys in Lego Land so fun...

Caesar Gonzales said...

oh man I can't look anymore!!! SO WISHING WE WENT TOO!!! I'm glad you guys are having a wonderful time though. Nicole and Joanna do sister vacations where they leave the family and enjoy some girl time together. since neither of us have sisters we should do cousin week!!!

Caesar Gonzales said...

LOL ugh and that last comment was from Leslie other wise that would be weird if Caesar were saying that. :)

Lauren said...

Wow! That looks like a fantastic trip! Chicago's tourism board should reimburse you for it, because I never considered Chicago as a destination before I read this. Now I feel like it's a must-see!

Hi! said...

Lego Land was cool, and I'm sure a favorite day for the boys. I liked the vehicle testing, great idea, and 4-D movies, way cool, and I loved Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night in Lego's, awesome!
I am so glad that you had such a fabulous vacation after graduation. You saw some wonderful sights and went to great places and had a great time as a family -the most important part!