Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Monday being a holiday, Kelly didn't have to go to work! So we went mini golfing as a family. The boys and I had a great time. We went to a place that Kelly and I had been to, many years ago, before we had kids. Kelly had wanted to take the boys there for quite a while. So today was the day. The weather was nice enough, not raining!
So off we went.
Andrew enjoyed golfing and also playing in the sand. My kids love the beach! I wonder if I am living in the wrong state. They would be so happy playing in the surf and sand all day. Me too!
Anyway back to golf.
In the above picture Jacob had just shot a hole-in-one.
Jacob had good focus on the game. He had a great time. I wish we had a little more time to practice our shots. Because it was a holiday, the place was packed. We had to wait for the people in front of us, and then hurry and golf so that the people behind us didn't have to wait too long. Because of this, I felt like we had to rush Jake a little. He would have enjoyed practicing the same hole several times over. Next time, I think we should go mid-day on a non-holiday. --emily
P.S. Kelly also got a hole-in-one.


SusGus said...

Looks like a great family adventure!

CJAllred said...

You guys have the best fun. Congratulations, Kelly and Jacob on your hole-in-one! Wish I was there to see it.

Hi! said...

Great day, love the pictures especially the one of you with the boys.
Love, momAKAgrandma