Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chicago Style Pizza

While out enjoying the city, we had asked a random gal what the best Chicago style pizza place was. She said Giordano's. So we pulled out our little map and navigated a walking route a few blocks away.

As we began our walk, we came upon this cool one man, puppet show attached to a bike. Jacob thought he was mighty interesting!

After about 8 blocks into it we decided to ask another person if we were going the right way. To find out that, that location had moved. The new location was one block from where we started. So Kelly grabbed us a cab. The boys thought it was fun to not be in a car seat and that the cab had a little TV in it!

We found the pizza place! Yeah . . .
It was worth the wait. Look at that that yummyness. Writing this it makes me want a piece right now.
The best pizza ever. No, really. We went the next day for lunch too. I totally get the big deal with real Chicago style pizza.--emily


CJAllred said...

Such a bummer that you walked so far out of your way. But I'm glad you found the best pizza ever. It looked like some gooey cheese was going on there.

Hi! said...

It looks like it was worth the trouble. I had New York pizza the last time I was in San Francisco (I know, weird) and you think what's the big deal until you eat it, it's very amazing. Who knew pizza could be so different, and so delicious.