Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lake Michigan

On Thursday, we spent the morning at lake Michigan, Chicago side.
We dug in the sand,
Splashed in the water,
Soaked in some vitamin D,
Chased some birds,
Warmed our bodies on the sand!
This was the boys favorite day.
The beach and the city! A perfect day. --emily


Leslie said...

isn't being at the Great Lakes crazy??!! The first time I went there my senses were thrown off a little. It looks big enough to be the ocean but it's doesn't smell like it at all. No salt water. glad the boys enjoyed it!

CJAllred said...

That looks like a great day for the boys. The pictures are all absolutely darling. It looks like you had a fabulous vacation.

Hi! said...

As I was looking at the pictures it is surprising to have a beach and high-rises behind you, only place I've seen that is San Francisco, now Chicago. How nice to find warm and water! That would seem odd not to smell sea water.